What is-FTH?

What is-FTH?

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FTH is the only upcoming legal coin in the world.
The name of the chain is F, A, I, T, H, C, H, A, I, N
Governance tokens: F, T, H
The main chain handles a total issuance of 160 million, and its public issuance
Sales: 320 million yuan.
FTH is the world’s first non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK), true
The Turing complete privacy protection of the smart contract blockchain system, as well as the existing
Compared with blockchain privacy protection technology, FTH can not only realize account information
And the privacy protection of transaction information, and the realization of Turing’s complete smart contract
Input and output privacy protection, developers can also based on FTH Chain
A smart contract issued by an anonymous digital asset Token, and passed with the smart contract
The same goes for the news.
FTH has redesigned the structure of the blockchain and various underlying protocols to make it have a graph
Smart contracts with complete privacy protection become a reality, not only can achieve a wider response
Practical scenes have obtained privacy protection measures, and because of the use of advanced NIZK
Encryption algorithms also further increase the difficulty of attacking users’ private data.
In addition, in the upcoming V1.0 version, the current NIZK will be improved
The practicality of the encryption algorithm greatly reduces the required memory resources.
It improves calculation efficiency.

FTH will be pre-sold on the BKNSXX platform in Singapore on June 2, 2021.

FTH will officially launch ten major platforms including Binance, Panda, Huobi, and World Wallet on September 30, 2021.


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